The workshop

We work with white or red marble as well as with other stones found in the Laconia region. Experience is not required and everyone can work at their own pace since teaching is delivered at individual level. Each person chooses a stone that finds beautiful and appropriate for what he would like to create. Our work takes place with hammer and chisel. Therefore we enter into dialogue with the stone. It is always possible to create a clay model. Into the nature we are going to come across endless forms, since beautiful and unique stones can be found everywhere. The countryside brings us closer to the feelings that ancient Greeks had developed and in order to become great and well known sculptors.

Barbara Perquin 02 May - 09 May
Barbara Perquin 04 June - 11 June

The program

Four days a week we work in the morning at 09:00 to 12:00. During the rest of the days you are given the possibility either to take a part in an excursion or have an empty schedule. Every afternoon the bus heads down to the beach.

The art teacher

Barbara Perquin* completed her education in monumental design at the Royal Academy in 1998. In 1997 she also worked at the Academy of Athens. In Amsterdam, she followed didactic training for artists. She works with bronze, stone and wood and exhibits at regular basis.

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